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Who better to produce a product for maintenance of leather, than those who make the leather?

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Leather FAQ's

Leather Maintenance


Environmentally Safe

Non Toxic

Safe to use

Non Allergic

Anti Mould

Industrial Strength

Absolutely effective cleaning removing dirt and grime. Our cleaners keep your furniture looking new and fresh.



Environmentally Safe Non Toxic Safe to use Non Allergic Anti Mould Industrial Strength!

Developed NOT to harm YOU or your leather!

Specially made for upholstery leather!

Conditioner and Protector!

Produced for upholstery leathers first but equally as good for other leather products!


The silicones and bees wax on these all purpose leather cleaners will damage upholstery leather drastically reducing its life.


Our products are produced for upholstery leathers first but they arejust as good for other leather products!

Our specially formulated leather cleaner has been designed to gently remove dirt and grime without harming the delicate polyurethane protective seal finish of your leather furniture.

Some cleaners ( especially so called all purpose leather cleaners ) are often far too strong and can or will damage and remove the seal coat with disastrous results.

Not so with Leather Shield products because we know upholstery leathers better than any one else in the industry yes we can be that frank!

1 Commercial 1 Domestic 1 Marine 1 Automotive

Our Conditioner softener and protector has been scientifically formulated to maintain and restore the moisture balance to the leather which is vital to its longetivity.

If leather is allowed to dry out ( which occurs within time ) the surface will eventually craze or crack. Our conditioner protector leaves a residual film, like tanners wax ( which is NOT visible) to prevent damage to the protective seal.

Conditioner also contains a mould inhibitor so that your leather furniture will NOT be attacked by mould or fungi in case of high moisture or humidity climate.

All our Products are environmentally safe, non toxic and do not expire over time.

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