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Frequently asked questions about upholstery leather?

What to consider when purchasing leather furniture!

Leather is a unique, natural product and should be treasured.

Leather will improve in appearance with age and provide years of usage if cared for properly.

As Leather is a skin, there will be variations in each hide.

These variations can be found both within one hide, and from hide to hide. They are completely natural and normal and like any type of natural product like stone or wood these variations should be expected.

The texture of leather will also vary from the belly to the back and to the neck of the hide depending on the age of the animal and the type of conditions the animal was housed in.

Leather may stretch with time.

You should expect some stretch in the leather particularly in the seat areas of your furniture over time just as you do with a pair of trousers.

Leather offers benefits for asthma sufferers.

As leather is lint and dust free it is an ideal choice for asthma sufferers also dust mites are not attracted to it reducing further allergies.

Leather is absorbent and needs regular care and cleaning.

Using our care products you can retain your leathers beauty and ensure lasting wearability. Each piece of leather furniture is subtly different. As a natural product, leather will behave in a subtly different way from one piece of furniture to the next.

Leather will flex and soften gradually during th elifetime of your furniture.

It will take a lived in look with use. Expect this and your furniture will serve you well provided you clean and care for the product as recommended.

In later years leather can be rejuvinated to look almost new.

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