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Remove Pen marks off leather

Does your leather furniture have an ugly pen or ink mark on it? do you want to remove that pen or ink mark off your leather quickly and safely for ever?


Children have a wonderful ability to decorate walls, tables and unfortunately leather furniture as well with less than desirable results!

Have you just entered your living room only to see your lovely beautiful expensive leather lounge scrawled with ink or lip stick?

Well rest assured that you can remove it without damaging your leather or having to resort to very expensive repairs.

Easy to use, just rub on and wipe off, removes ink and crayon in seconds.

Yes no more unslightly pen, biro or crayon marks, remove ink off leather fast and permanetly without damaging your leather.

Removes Ball Point pen, Lipstick, and Crayon marks from top coated leathers in seconds!

No more ugly pen, lipstick, crayon marks on your leather lounge.

Watch how quick ink is removed from this leather lounge!
Works on vinyls and auto leathers!

Use Pen off leather to minimise maintenance costs on leather and vinyl products.

An inexpensive solution to expensive repairs or replacements keeps your products looking new and clean looking.



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$20 USD + Postage

No more head aches!! now you can have peace of mind!

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Will Not damage the leather!

Ideal for Commercial Cleaners and Car detailers!

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